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9 Desember 2016
Promo Special Natal untuk yang membeli Suntik putih . liat promomya berikut : detail

8 November 2016
Suntik Putih Mixing White telah beredar di tahun 2013 dengan nama ENERGISE dan termasuk suntik putih paling laku saat itu. namun, seiring dengan berjamurnya berbagai merk suntik pemutih, mixing ehite energise pun seakan hilang di pasaran. namun, kabar baik, di bulan november SUNTIK PUTIH mixing white hadir kembali dengan nama DAZZLE BOOST dengan kandungan lebih tinggi dan lengkap yaitu DAZZLE BOOSTER. detail

18 Oktober 2016
3 macam Suntik Putih Aqua Skin EGF dari skinnic
Aqua Skin EGF adalah Suntik Putih dari swis yang sangat aman, mampu membuat kulit Bercahaya , Lembab dan Putih dalam waktu singkat. detail

9 Juli 2015
Oriental Platinum Infus whitening terbaik 2015 ORYGINAL + Masker Wajah
ORIENTAL PLATINUM merupakan infus whitening terbaik 2015 dengan komposisi Formula yang sudah disempurnakan, bahkan untuk hasil kasiat dan manfaat jauh lebih bagus dari infus whitening sebelumnya seperti complexion, perfection, dr.nano dan tyrese blanc detail

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product arrow CHERRO LIVE CELL II

Price Rp 14.500.000 Beli

The Revitalistion Treatment

It is the that after having injected with live cells, the function of the inner body and the appearance of skin would look 10 to 20 years younger. The body would experience changes such as:

  • Remove crow’s feet and wrinkles.
  • Enhanced respiration system of organ cells and upgraded the ability of oxygen reproduction.
  • Increased entity of mitochondrion to process regeneration ability.
  • Increased absorption ability of membrane cells.
  • Improved blood circulation and microcirculation.
  • Reduce obesity particles and cholesterol.
  • Perfectible the formation of endocrinic hormones and to achieve its balances.
  • Ferment which rectifies the order of DNA and strengthens immune system.
  • Increased the speed of metabolism process and its adaptability.
  • Remove pigmentation and speckles.

Targeting & Measuring The Mechanics Of The aging Process

Chérro Live cell Extract is a super bioactivity, which is more than 100 times greater than the ordinary cells .It effectively deactivates all aging cells, enhances metabolism function and stimulates T lymphocyte to enhance the body immunity system and revitalizes the body defense mechanisms. It also helps to prevent all types of body cell aging, skin eruptions and many other metabolic diseases.

Chérro Live cell Extract contains Body Fluid Factor to regulate the imbalance of the internal secretory (secretion) function and to prevent menopause syndrome, unhealthy pigmentation, chloasma, butterfly, speckles outbreaks ;dryness and sagging skin.

DNA that is contained in the Chérro Live Cell Extract is proven to repair human gene and the same time it stops the gene form expanding the genetic code that cause human premature aging, very effective in prolonging youthfulness from the within.

The functions of Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Fibre contain to maintain adequate moisture in the skin and to promote skin firmness and elasticity, it also helps to reduce wrinkles, leaving skin radiantly smoother and supple.


5 Reasons Why Cherro live cell

1st – Effectiveness

The inner body and the appearance of skin would look 10 to 20 years younger.

2nd – Instant Result

Fastest result, within 7 days.

3rd – Historical

16 years in the market, 20 years in research and development.
ISO, GMP certified.

4th- Easier & Fast

5 minutes procedure, relax and easy.

5th – Painless Procedure

Without pain, non-surgical treatment.


Ingredients and Dosage

Cherro Switzerland Ewe Live Cell Extract II
Results of Nutrient Analysis – Ingredient:

Test Ewe Live Cell Extract Amino Acids Ewe Live Cell Extract (%,w/w) Amino Acids Ewe Live Cell Extract (%,w/w)
Moisture % (w/w) 94.9 Aspartic Acid 0.057 Tyrosine 0.013
Protein (Nx6.25) % (w/w) 3.06 Glutamic Acid 0.070 Valine 0.017
Ash % (w/w) 2.00 Serine 0.023 Methionine 0.001
Crude Fibre %(w/w) <0.001 Glycine 0.061 Cystine 0.008
Total Fat % (w/w) <0.001 Histidine 0.009 Iso-Leucine 0.012
Total Carbohydrate (by difference) % (w/w) 0.001 Arginine 0.045 Leucine 0.034
Energy Value (kcal/100ml) 8.4 Threonine 0.014 Phenylalanine 0.004
Alanine 0.034 Lysine 0.050
Proline 0.037 Total 0.489

Main Active Ingredient:
Each Ampoule (2ml) contains extract equivalent to raw material, (Ewe) Live Cell Extract 1.7 mg

Ingredients: Ewe Embryo Live Cell Extract, Coenzyme Q10, Amino Acids, EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), Arbutin, Nucleic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, Immune Globulin, Bacopa, ERF (Epidermal Repair Factor), Pellicle Growth Factor and SOD (Super-Oxide Dismutase).

Specification: 2ml x 30 bottles.

Storage: Keep below 4′C – 18′C in dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

Application: It is recommended to inject 3-6 ampoules per day. Injection should be administered on alternate day basic. The result can be seen as the first injection and yet highly depends on the individual’s age and health condition. 60 ampoules are considered as one full course of treatment. This treatment can be repeated after 12 months.




This is the greatest anti-aging product with great results!
I have been using this product since last year, my son classmate once mistaken thought that i am his sister. ( My little boy are now 14 and i am in my early 40s)

- Melinda Susan. Berkasi, Indonesia (July 18 2007)

Was introduced by my beauty consultant back two years ago. The result are simply amazing! I feel i back to my younger age! Energetic and good sleep at night! Thank you Amy for introduces this wonderful product to me! Thank you Cherro!

- Peter Khoo. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (February 12 2005)

I have taken sheep placenta capsule for almost two years, the results are fairly good. Until i met Cherro Live Cell! In three month treatment, my skin become fairer and smoother! My husband also noticed that my fine lines are gone!

- Jennifer. Medan, Indonesia (June 26 2005)

Good products! excellent results!

- Yuliana. Jakarta, Indonesia (November 05 2004)

Fountain of youth! Wonderful!

- Ms. Tan. enang, Malaysia (April 07 2003)

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An: Reyni Octavin Wantania 



An: Y. Anjar Susanto



an: Y.Anjar Susanto


USD Calc
US$ x Rp. 12,500 =
Sari Retnani
thanks say pesanan aku udeh sampai cepet dan packing 100% aman

Lilis Bali
Mbak reyni mau order kapsul pemutih gludin forte lagi.. sy cocok pakai itu mbak, berhubung sy takut sm jarum suntik jadi sy minum kapsul aja heheh

bu farida
thx. pengiriman cepat, packing aman, respon baik.

Ita Aprilia
Mbak Reyni aku sudah pakai gerovital yg kemarin itu, alhamdulilah mbak cocok pakai itu. Miss v jd rapet kata suami hehe

Renita Megawati
Sis aku pakai evgenis stem cell bagus juga, keriput di dekat mata hilang loh pdhal baru injeksi pertama.

Dr Hana
Sis terima kasih. Pasien saya banyak yg cocok pakai GLUDIN SUPER. Sayamau order lagi paket 3 box

Abidah Ningtyas
Mbak reyniiii terima kasih udah saranin aku pakai cherro white, bener kinclong loh muka ku mbak.. kl habis aku order lagi mbak rey

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