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Price Rp 250.000 Beli


is the development of degraded fatty tissue that frequently contains water. This disorder results from one or several factors such as poor arterial or venous circulation, hormonal disturbances and problems with lymphatic drainage.Cellulite is due to the excessive storage of fat in the adipocytes. By becoming heavily laden with lipids, the adipocytes swell and become hypertrophic, sometimes to a high degree. The compression of the blood and lymph vessels by these fatty masses induces poor drainage of the water and stagnation of the toxins in the tissues. The resulting edema and degeneration of the fi bers of the connective tissue lead to the typical irregular stippled appearence of the skin known as “orange peel apperance”.

CELLULYSIS  acts in 4 stages:

1 Reducing lipo-edemas
The fi rst step in effi ciently treating cellulite consists in eliminating the excess water so as to reabsorb the edema and reduce swelling. CELLULYSIS contains mannitol which has a diuretic effect. As a non-metabolizable carbohydrate, it is excreted via the renal glomeruli without being absorbed by the tubules. This necessarily results in the elimination of a certain amount of water. It is used here instead of certain vegetal extracts such as Cynara scolymus (artichoke) which is sometimes used in phytotherapy.

2 Restoring an effi cient micro-circulation
Cellulite is frequently associated with circulation problems.The adipocytes, swollen by an excessive accumulation of fat exert pressure on the arterial, venous and lymphatic networks which surround them . It is therefore essential to restore an effi cient micro-circulation in order to re-establish the phenomena of tissue exchange (nutritional supply, excretion of waste substances, storage and release) which ensure good tissue function.

3 Lipolysis
Tween associated with a-cyclodextrin forms an amphoteric complex which is both liposoluble and hydrosoluble. It is capable of bonding aqueous and lipidic phases which normally cannot be mixed. When carried to the adipocytes by interstitial liquids, it lyzes the membrane by solubilizing the lipidic layer.The lipidic droplets contained in the cytosol of these cells are then released into the intercellular space. Like its analogues caffeine and aminophyllin, theophyllin acts by inhibiting phosphodiesterase (PDE). This process maintains a high level of cyclic AMP, thus stimulating the natural lipolytic mechanisms of the adipocytes.Once released, the short-chain fatty acids pass into the circulation while the long-chain fatty acids bind to albumin. The free fatty acids may then be used as a source of energy by all the tissues except the brain and the erythrocytes. Their degradation is particularly intense in the liver if the serum concentration is high.

4 Restructuring and protecting the connective tissue
When effi cient, the treatment of cellulite leads to a considerable decrease in the volume of fatty tissues. When fat has accumulated over a period of years, the distended connective tissue no longer possesses the elasticity required for recovering its initial tone. By modifying both qualitatively and quantitatively the elastin, silicium stimulates the regeneration of connective tissue. In addition, it tends to form a tri-dimensional network, hence its value in structuring these tissues. Once regenerated and restructured, the connective tissue recovers its tone and elasticity.

CELLULYSIS enables treatment of the unsightly clusters of fat localised in areas that are not affected by dieting, such as
the abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks, knees, bags under the eyes and double chin.

5mlx10 vials / set

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An: Reyni Octavin Wantania 



An: Y. Anjar Susanto



an: Y.Anjar Susanto


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Sari Retnani
thanks say pesanan aku udeh sampai cepet dan packing 100% aman

Lilis Bali
Mbak reyni mau order kapsul pemutih gludin forte lagi.. sy cocok pakai itu mbak, berhubung sy takut sm jarum suntik jadi sy minum kapsul aja heheh

bu farida
thx. pengiriman cepat, packing aman, respon baik.

Ita Aprilia
Mbak Reyni aku sudah pakai gerovital yg kemarin itu, alhamdulilah mbak cocok pakai itu. Miss v jd rapet kata suami hehe

Renita Megawati
Sis aku pakai evgenis stem cell bagus juga, keriput di dekat mata hilang loh pdhal baru injeksi pertama.

Dr Hana
Sis terima kasih. Pasien saya banyak yg cocok pakai GLUDIN SUPER. Sayamau order lagi paket 3 box

Abidah Ningtyas
Mbak reyniiii terima kasih udah saranin aku pakai cherro white, bener kinclong loh muka ku mbak.. kl habis aku order lagi mbak rey

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