Cari pemutih kulit cepat, pelangsing badan mantap? Suntikputihpelangsing sedia berbagai merk suntik vitamin c dan kolagen, suntik putih, suntik lemak dan perawatan wajah juga tubuh terlengkap.
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9 Desember 2016
Promo Special Natal untuk yang membeli Suntik putih . liat promomya berikut : detail

8 November 2016
Suntik Putih Mixing White telah beredar di tahun 2013 dengan nama ENERGISE dan termasuk suntik putih paling laku saat itu. namun, seiring dengan berjamurnya berbagai merk suntik pemutih, mixing ehite energise pun seakan hilang di pasaran. namun, kabar baik, di bulan november SUNTIK PUTIH mixing white hadir kembali dengan nama DAZZLE BOOST dengan kandungan lebih tinggi dan lengkap yaitu DAZZLE BOOSTER. detail

18 Oktober 2016
3 macam Suntik Putih Aqua Skin EGF dari skinnic
Aqua Skin EGF adalah Suntik Putih dari swis yang sangat aman, mampu membuat kulit Bercahaya , Lembab dan Putih dalam waktu singkat. detail

9 Juli 2015
Oriental Platinum Infus whitening terbaik 2015 ORYGINAL + Masker Wajah
ORIENTAL PLATINUM merupakan infus whitening terbaik 2015 dengan komposisi Formula yang sudah disempurnakan, bahkan untuk hasil kasiat dan manfaat jauh lebih bagus dari infus whitening sebelumnya seperti complexion, perfection, dr.nano dan tyrese blanc detail

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product arrow Green Nu Sheep Placenta

Price Rp 1.800.000 Beli

GREEN NU sheep placenta’s amazing effects!

GREEN NU sheep placenta reverses the
effect of aging to give you better vitality!
uses only sheep placenta from specially selected and quarantined pure-bred New Zealand sheep. The placenta is filtered to remove harmful substances before using advanced freeze-drying technology (FDT) to extract the placenta essence which contains more than 8000 active substances. The essence is then encapsulated using advanced double coating technology before being packed for shipping. The entire process adheres to strict and professional production methods to preserve the bio-availability of GREEN NU sheep placenta extract. As a result, the active ingredients can remain active for up to 36 months, providing the users with maximum health and beauty effects.

GREEN NU sheep placenta extract – The perfect new formula

GREEN NU has been improved and is now fortified with grape seed oil, green tea extract and evening primrose oil. The different ingredients supplement each other to further strengthen the effects of GREEN NU sheep placenta extract.

    Sheep Placenta Extract
Scientists were first cued on the effects of placenta after noticing that ewe will consume their own placenta after giving birth. Further studies revealed that placenta contains active substances that can restore energy and increase milk production in the mother. Research has confirmed that placenta contains more than 8000 types of active nutrients.
Grape Seed Oil

Grape seeds contain high levels of proanthocyanidins, OPC, and other natural compounds. The medical and nutritional values of grapes have been known for thousands of years. Egyptians from 6000 years ago were already using grapes in health care. European folk doctors use ripe grapes to treat many diseases, including cholera, smallpox, nausea, eye infection, and disease of the skin, kidney, liver etc.

What is the latest research discovery on the antioxidant effect of grape seed extract?

According to a clinical study of the effects of grapes on volunteers carried out by the University of Maryland Medical Center, it was discovered that taking grape seed extract can greatly increase the level of antioxidants in the blood. The antioxidants effectively remove the harmful free radicals from the body. These natural antioxidants neutralise excessive free radicals and prevent diseases caused by free radicals and a polluted environment.
Green Tea Extract

Green tea has been known as the miracle of nature for thousands of years, and now both Eastern and Western researchers are turning up more and more evidence confirming the health benefits of green tea - proving what millions of people have known for thousands of years.
Scientific studies have proven that green tea can fight cancer and bacterial infection, lower blood lipid, reduce body fat, freshen breath, whitening and promote digestion.
Evening Primrose Oil

Two miracle compounds in Evening Primrose Oil:

Evening primrose oil contains an abundance of essential fatty acids (EFA) and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). EFA are fatty acids that must be ingested as the human body cannot synthesise them. As its name suggests, this fatty acid is essential for the human body. EFA provides energy, regulates body temperature, protects tissues and organs, and most importantly, it is an essential material for the production of cells and tissues. It is also an important compound for prostagladin synthesis and hormone production.

Evening primrose oil promotes metabolism of fat, nourishes skin and help in weight loss. It is also effective as an anti-inflammatory agent, anti-clotting agent, cholesterol lowering agent, blood pressure regulator, and is useful in the prevention of heart attack and stroke.
Benefits Of GREEN NU Sheep Placenta

  NEW improved formula guarantees maximum effect for every capsule.
  MANUFACTURED and packed in New Zealand: We only use the placentas of healthy pure breed sheep which have been raised in a pristine eco-environment.
  PROPRIETARY double-layer capsule coating: To ensure the sheep placenta extract stays intact within the capsule until the capsule reaches the stomach to be absorbed fully by your body.
  HIGHLY active compounds: Cutting edge FREEZE DRIED TECHNOLOGY makes sure placenta extract remains active for 36 months.
  INTERNATIONAL certification: Our manufacturing process and product are certified by international standards such as GMP, HACCP, TGA, HSA and NZFS.

• Delay ageing process
• Refine skin texture and improve complexion
• Enhance physical stamina and energy level
• Repair and regeneration of cells
• Regulate PH level in our body
• Antioxidant
• Improve body defense system


Sheep Placenta Extract 200mg
(as extract equiv. to fresh) 4000mg
Evening Primrose Oil 150mg
Green Tea Extract (Camelia Sinensis) 50mg
(as extract equiv. to fresh) 1500mg
Grape Seed Oil (Vitis Vinifera) 150mg

Take 2 capsules twice daily.

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Gak ragu belanja disini, pelayanan nya ramah, harga murah, produk asli, dan barang pasti sampe makasi ka rey

sumarni subang
mbak terima kasih sdh kasih bonus masker leveine, sampai kapan tuh mbak bonus nya sy mau langganan

florentina indri
Sis aku order glutax dna 3 box ready ya? kasih harga termurah ya

nimaz zein
Mbak rey makasi paketan gludin super sdh sy terima, makasi juga bonusan nya.

Kak thanks udah dikasih sy kah bonus masker nya

Atika Maryani
Mbak ren, makasi bonus masker leveine nya.. promo valentine yaa?? suka semoga cocok deh kalo oke aku order

diki maiyuse
Say laroscorbine platinum punya kamu bener original ya, kemarin aku order ditempat lain ampul nya beda bisa pendek2 gitu. Aku ga mau belanja ditempat lain say

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